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BC Step Code - An Energy Advisor

Jan 10

An Energy Advisor will help you through the BC Energy Step Code

Finding the right Energy Advisor that will become your eyes and ears.

Our team of Energy Advisors at Shoreline provide creative, cost-effective solutions, focusing on construction while working hand in hand with builders. Their extensive experience in the field is invaluable to everyone working on the project. 

For projects that are more complex, an energy advisor can be brought on at the design stage, but to provide the compliance report at pre-construction, an energy advisor often begins at a project by evaluating pre-permit drawings. Based on the proposed mechanical systems and equipment, as well as the plans, the energy advisor will create an energy model. Doing this will help ensure the design that is proposed is in compliance with the next step. After the advisor verifies the project can move forward, a copy of the pre-construction compliance report must be submitted by the builder along with the permit application. If no revisions are needed, we guarantee a 72-hour turnaround on the compliance reports on the pre-construction once the project is confirmed. 

To learn more about what a BC Step Code is, from Josh Kovac a registered energy advisor. 

It is often recommended to have a blower door test performed mid-construction, but it is not required. It is used to address any major deficiencies to be assessed and corrected before installing the drywall. This will provide peace of mind during the as-built site testing that the required air tightness for the structure will be met. 

Having an energy advisor visit the project site to verify that the proposed drawings match the final structure, compliance is not affected, and that any required modifications are accounted for in the energy model is the final step of the process. The final blower door test will be completed and the data entered into the energy model at the point in the process. The energy model will be updated and an as-built report of compliance, along with an Energuide label issued for the home once the final data has been collected. 

Energy advisors are the right hand of the builders, designers, and architects throughout nearly every step of the process. They help to ensure that the home would have the right energy usage levels that are recommended to give the occupants comfort in addition to helping the environment. Shoreline has a strong, experienced team of advisors that is ready and willing to help any building project decrease the footprint of greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia. 



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