When is it time to replace my solar system?

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, not just because it’s environmentally friendly but also because it’s affordable. Replace solar systems depends on the type of roofing material, energy production, and cost of replacement panels. The solar panel lifespan is typically around a year for residential applications and also a year for commercial installations.

Roofing types suitable for solar installation include shingle roofs, metal roofing (e.g., asphalt or slate), certified green roof tiles or shingles, and cellulose insulation such as fiberglass batts. When calculating a property’s potential solar energy output, there are several factors to consider, including latitude (north vs. south), cloud cover percentage, roof pitch, and building orientation.

Window solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as energy costs continue rising, but they have a shorter panel lifespan. In general, homeowners can expect solar energy production to increase with each new roof installation because the shingles or tiles will cover more surface area that captures sunlight, providing an overall higher yield over time.

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Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as an affordable and environmentally friendly energy source. By installing a solar system, you can reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint. In addition, solar systems can significantly benefit your home or office, providing energy during periods of low sun exposure, such as at night. At Grandmark Service Company, Sacramento, CA, roofing contractors, we proudly offer solar energy systems as a unique and convenient solution for our customers. Contact us today to learn more!