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How to Pick a Solar Company: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Aug 21


Solar panels can be a long-term investment. It's therefore important to carefully vet potential providers in order to choose the best one. How do you pick from the many solar providers available? This step-by-step guide will help you choose the best solar provider for your needs.


Tips to pick the best solar company 

It is not as easy as choosing the right solar company for your project. It is a good idea to start by choosing a solar contractor who meets the State Licensing Board's minimum requirements: licensed, insured, and bonded with no negative marks.

Do not base your purchase solely upon Yelp reviews and customer ratings. A solar installation company might have offered incentives for such reviews. Although professional certifications such as NABCEP are nice, they do not guarantee great installations. To find the best solar energy company, you need to do some research.

Step 1: Create a list of available solar providers

It is easiest to compare solar providers by creating a single-page document that contains all the information about each company. You can compile a list with the help of an Excel spreadsheet, Word documents, or a piece of paper and a pen. You can include both local and national businesses that serve your state.

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Step 2: Compare the pros and cons of choosing a local installer or a national company

It is important to understand the differences between local businesses and national companies when comparing provider options. Larger companies tend to be more established and offer better warranties. These companies may offer more payment options, as well as maintenance services such as panel cleaning.

Local solar energy services in reno will be better versed in your state's permitting and rebate requirements. Because they serve fewer customers and locations, the process can move more quickly, which could allow you to schedule appointments for pricing and installation earlier.

Step 3: Check Company Expertise 

Most companies are more concerned with experience than their company size. Check out the company websites to see how long they have been in business. Look at the company websites to see if they advertise the number of solar panels they have installed. Also, consider what types of roofing the company has used successfully in the past.

In your comparison document, be sure to note the credentials of each company. Online certifications are common for most companies. However, you can always call the company to verify credentials if they don't list them on their website.

Step 4: Examine the costs of solar company

There are several ways to finance solar panels. You can pay cash, take out a loan or lease, or enter a power purchase arrangement (PPA). It is important to research the options offered by each company in your list and take note.

If you know how you want your panels to be funded, ensure that any company you are considering offers this option. You don't have to decide which option is best for you. Instead, look at companies that offer multiple financing options so you can discuss your situation with them. Cross off any company that doesn't offer the financing option you are looking for.


You did your research and followed this step-by-step guide to pick a solar company that will install solar panels. You should now have a good idea of the type and price of the solar company that you would like to work with. There are also ways to narrow down your options. It is not a good idea to feel pressured into going solar. It's not necessary for them to push you to go solar. A great sign is finding a solar technician who is willing to answer any questions you may have is that they are helpful. You have already completed the process, so you should feel comfortable about who is installing solar panels on your roof. You'll be able to find a great company that offers a low-cost, high-quality solar installation experience by following these four steps.