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Bouddi National Park

Jun 1

About Bouddi National Park

The landscape of the Bouddi National Park is as diverse and colourful as it gets - from beaches, cliffs to rainforests. You can find all this beauty in one place!
Bouddi National Park located on Australia's beautiful coast near Gosford North Shore has stunning views that will leave your heart full involvement with nature while also being close enough so you're never too far away from city life when exploring what other great attractions there may be nearby.

The Bouddi coastal walk is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. You can go whale watching, picnic or simply absorb the ocean views at Maitland Bay; there are plenty of spots like this along this path that will make your daydreams come true! The natural beauty of the Bouddi National Park is unmatched, with many opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The peninsula has gruelling walks and exquisite views that will leave you breathless!


What to do in Bouddi National Park

Head out on the walk along the Bouddi waterfront and enjoy an afternoon stroll. You'll find many places to stop for refreshments or just take in all that natural beauty, like Maitland Bay where you can swim if it's not too hot! Guided hikes, scenic walks and camping opportunities are just some of the great things you can do in this park. If your preferred mode is to travel by car, there's a train station that will bring visitors right into Woy-WOY which has an array of shops as well!

One of the most beautiful places in all of Australia, Bouddi National Park offers visitors an opportunity to explore and experience nature. The park has been recognized for its significance as both a marine protected area with significant Aboriginal sites that can be seen on guided tours available (10km) or camping by the ocean where one may spot whales during their watch from key lookout points 10 kilometres away). There you will find unique animals such species like Harbour Seals living within these waters while enjoying some time outdoors including mountain biking trails which make up part.

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